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Technical Support

We employ proven processes and technologies that keep your team humming.

A Faster Response Means a Faster Resolution 

ingenuIT is committed to proactive technical support with laser-like focus on prevention of issues. Our vision is one in which we anticipate our clients’ needs to ensure maximum uptime and optimal effectiveness. We strive to make the best recommendations in hardware and software, implement these choices to exacting standards, and proactively manage system health. In other words, we do information technology the right way.

Effective Response


Unfortunately, perfection with technology is all but impossible. But when the unexpected occurs you need a technical partner who will respond quickly. ingenuIT acts as the go-to technical team for many businesses throughout New York City and beyond. If our system monitors detect an issue, you will likely hear from us before you know anything is wrong. If you call for routine technical support, you will either get an immediate response or within an hour. You will have confidence in knowing your IT team is ready when you need us.


Optimal Resolution


We make technical support decisions based on what is best for your business – both from an operational and a financial perspective. Our team knows that your greatest financial investment is your people and your business’ success relies on your team’s productivity. Every minute of downtime is money down the drain. We believe keeping your team up and running is more important than “fixing the problem”. We approach every technical support challenge from the perspective of “What is going to resolve this problem quickly and what do we need to do to avoid it reoccurring in the future?”