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Our Promise to You:

Everything we do for your business is laser-focused on keeping your team as productive as possible.  We provide you the peace-of-mind in knowing that your IT is reliable, secure, and cost-effective.


Simple, Unlimited Support

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Prevention Through Advanced Technology

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Why ingenuIT is Ideal for Your Business

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Our proactive approach, our people, our impeccable support, our technology, and the methodologies we follow ensure secure, uninterrupted, game-changing service.  You will wonder why you ever worked with anyone else.


Proactive-Preventative Approach

With ingenuIT, you can expect more from your IT services provider. Through our proactive-preventative approach, our clients experience tremendous savings, benefit from informed recommendations, and you can be assured that we spend your money as if it is our own.


We build strong, long-term relationships – many of our clients have been with us for over 15 years!  Our friendly, dedicated account team is invested in delivering exceptional, customized IT services with a focus on providing the honest information you need to make the right decision for your business. We do everything possible to provide exceptional, high quality IT services and management.

Client-Centric Values

Our core values and people set us apart from other managed service providers. We’re proud and humbled by our retention of our existing clients year-to-year.

Dedicated – We Have Your Best Interests at Heart.

• We are always positive and respectful to everyone.
• We judge our actions by how they provide value to you.
• We recognize our goal is to help you achieve your goals.

Reliable – We Have a Long-Standing History of Fulfilling Our Commitments.

• We recognize our performance impacts your performance.
• We deliver on our commitments on-time or earlier.
• We take ownership of any issue affecting your business and focus on rapid resolution and learning.

Experts – We Perform As Promised.

• We approach issues / challenges with a focus on your business goals / outcomes.
• We recognize the best solution to a business problem is not always technical.
• We are committed to our individual and collective professional development.

Authentic – We Are Honest.

• We only work with clients with who we share similar core values (formal or informal).
• We value the power of honesty and have the courage to use it.
• We don’t make promises we cannot keep.

Supreme Technology and Rigorous Attention to Detail

We Do Things Right the First Time

Our IT management and monitoring capabilities are driven by state-of-the-art technologies. We spare no expense in ensuring our team has access to the best tools available. All facets of our clients’ IT infrastructure are monitored and managed in real time.  We are committed to doing everything right the first time. Our team is rigorously trained and repeatedly reinforced on the benefits of doing it right the first time, every time.  Our attention to detail ensures you do not experience the frustrations of repeated attempts at resolving an issue.  Additionally, careful attention to detail significantly reduces the chances of having a problem in the first place.

Exacting Standards

Standardization & Best Practices that Prevent Problems

Providing effective and relatively trouble-free IT services may seem complex and difficult to master.  Here is our little secret: It’s significantly easier (not easy) to provide IT services when your entire team is able to follow standards developed over nearly 20 years in business. Using a bullet-proof combination of hardware/software vendor recommended best practices, industry standards like ITIL, NIST, etc. and battle-tested processes learned over the years, ingenuIT is able virtually guarantee reliable and effective IT services.  New employees often comment that we are the most organized and standardized IT services organization they have ever worked.  Virtually every process we undertake is documented with step-by-step instructions for our team to follow.  For client-specific projects, we thoroughly research, plan and test virtually every facet of the project to ensure success.

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On-Boarding Process

How Our Seamless New Client Process Works

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2 Days to 1 Week

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Delivery of unrivaled service

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