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Network Security Consulting

A Security Approach Focused On Your Peace-Of-Mind

Perhaps with the exception of backup and disaster recovery strategies, network security is the most important components of your technology infrastructure. ingenuIT recognizes the critical nature of network security and applies proven technologies to reduce risks to your company’s technology.

ingenuIT’s Layered Approach to Network Security


We view network security as a layered-approach that incorporates technology, system policies, and user education to ensure your business assets are protected.


Technology – When implement only proven technologies to ensure reliability and effectiveness. We are constantly evaluating our partners’ offerings to ensure we are offering our clients the best network security solutions for their business needs. We implement best-of-breed solutions from companies like Kaspersky, Sophos, Check Point, Cisco and others.


System Policies – In conjunction with the right technology,the network security methodology employed when configuring the technology determine security effectiveness. In other words, configuration is key to network security. We implement security technology based on best practices as outlined by the SANS Institute and frequently evaluate industry trends to ensure our clients’ security is aligned with their business requirements.


User Education – Your company’s greatest network security vulnerability is in the hands and habits of your users. Social engineering is the primary means hackers utilize to gain access to your business assets. Our network security approach incorporates user education into every interaction. When possible, we incorporate technology and best practices that do not require your team to make conscious security decisions.


Let us show you how our approach to network security can help give you the peace-of-mind necessary to focus on your business goals. Contact us.