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Network Vulnerability & Risk Assessment

Network Vulnerability: Are You As Safe As You Think – Don’t Know You Are?

If you are like many small and mid-sized businesses, you probably have very little certainty in terms of your network vulnerability. In today’s world, threats to your business data come from many directions. Network vulnerabilities can come from malware/viruses, targeted or untargeted attacks, unexpected weather events, theft, or even from your own employees. A network vulnerability and risk assessment will help you gain perspective on your weaknesses and help you protect your critical business assets.

Be Proactive: A Network Vulnerability & Risk Assessment Can Save Your Business


Identifying and mitigating your company’s risk is a cornerstone of an effective technology approach. ingenuIT can perform a network vulnerability and IT risk assessments on a very basic level through a comprehensive full audit. Even a cursory review of your technology can often expose serious risks to your infrastructure. We can identify network security vulnerability risks, performance bottlenecks, and IT policies (or lack thereof) that are critical to your business assets. This will give you the peace-of-mind to focus on your business goals.


IngenuIT’s Network Vulnerabilities and It Risk Assessments: Solutions That Make Sense


Although a network vulnerability and IT risk assessment might appear to be an expensive engagement, it doesn’t have to be. Many small and mid-sized businesses are not as complex as larger environments. In many cases, an assessment can be completed within a day depending on how much documentation a client requires. But what about solutions? From our experience resolving network vulnerability is a function of technology, policies, and user education. We are committed to identifying solutions that stay within your budget expectations while aligning with your business requirements.

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