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Chris Clancy
Owner, Perfect Aire

ingenuIT’s proactive approach has prevented costly blindsides and mystery super-bills.  As a company also in the service contract business, we understand the value as well as the initial customer resistance to flat fees.  ingenuIT has saved us thousands and are extremely responsive and forward thinking.  We have experienced 100% worry-free IT since our partnership began.

Jeff Cooperman
CEO Mainly Monograms

We found ingenuIT on Google and never looked back.  They’ve been a seamless partner and have proactively navigated us through the IT maze and made superb, experienced recommendations as our company has grown.  We’ve been able to avoid in-house overhead and find their team extremely responsive.  The quarterly meetings insure we’re ahead of the curve and always prepared.

Anthony Kim
General Manager LIC Hotel, NYC

Secure, uninterrupted service is a “make or break” expectation of our clients.  If our clients are inconvenienced it has an immediate, negative impact.  Since hiring ingenuIT, we have had zero interruption of service and experienced 100% satisfaction with our technology.  We are no longer subject to unpredictable downtime or any privacy issues a refreshing find on Google.

Rev. Stephen Gerth
The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin

Our 15-year relationship with ingenuIT demonstrates the essence of true partnership.  They crafted our technology platform virtually from scratch, positioned us for growth, and have helped us navigate through very difficult times as well.  As a nonprofit, we have unique needs and they have been very proactive in helping us meet those needs and head off any challenges.  ingenuIT has also played a critical role providing seamless automation and architected our IT structure to eliminate the need for IT headcount, a true hard cost savings which is paramount in our sector.  Perhaps most importantly, ingenuIT has been absolutely trustworthy with the most confidential of information involved in back up processes.

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